This is the concept born from the passion and hard work of four friends percussionists from the Royal Conservatory of Mons.
Their motivation and enthusiasm shown by teachers, a project is designed: a show exclusively dedicated  to their passion,  percussion.
After the huge success of his first public appearance, AkroPercu  still offers concerts in which the audience is delighted by the originality and energy transmitted
to them by this very enthusiastic group.The mix of music, costumes, lights and humor has captivated a large audience.

Bastien Chauvon started music at the age of 6 at the Academy of Ath,first with Louison Renaud, and then with Cédric Degouys.
Soon, he began playing in various groups and bands. At 16,  he joined the percussion group of Tournai, under the direction of Gerard Caucheteux.
In 2009, he entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons, in the class of Ansciaux Gilles, Professor and Eleanor Cavalière charged Course. He meets Jacky Coppens and perfected his drums knowledge  under his teaching.
He played Jazz Marathon and other scenes to replace Santo Scinta, within a group of Latin music and accompanies this time the Belgian singer Julie Roses.
Bastien is also a classical percussionist. He has recorded with the Royal Guides Music, played with approvals under the direction of Guy Van Waas and with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège. Since 2012 is now one of the four members of Akropercu

Native of Mons, Thomas Delplancq belongs to a family of musicians and was introduced to percussion at the age of 6, formed in local academies and in the north of France.
He passed the border in 2009 and 2012 by participating in internship brass and percussion masterclass and contest "Epsival" in Limoges (France) surrounded by renowned professors such as Nicolas Martynciow, Damien Petitjean, Jean-Claude Gengembre Bernard Boellinger ... all soloists in major French orchestras.
These experiences led him to consider making his passion his profession, and in 2007 he entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons, where he obtained,  five years later, his Masters in Percussion.
He began in 2010 to play bass trombone teaching by Franz Masson , bass trombone soloist at the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France.
He honors since 2008 various contracts with semi-professional orchestras such as the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Brussels and the Brussels Philharmonic
Orchestra and since 2010 with professional orchestras such as the Orchestre National de Belgique, Music Royal Guides and the Belgian Air Force.
Since 2011,He plays inthe group Discover, band dedicate to 80s music, in which it is trombonist and percussionist. After creating Akropercu,
successful tests for the Music entry at the Guides in 2012 is the first turning point in his artistic life. He began his  percussionist career in the orchestra known.

Native of Charleroi, his musical career let Maxime Charue travel from one academy to an another until he was 16 years, when he decides to integrate
the Humanities Artistic Conservatory Arthur Grumiaux at Charleroi and continued in parallel general studies at the Athenaeum Royal Vauban.
Currently in 3rd year at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, his passion led him to participate in many workshops in Belgium and France, in particular, with members PercuDuo ( Philippe Limoges and Damien Petit-Jean) and some famous percussion teachers.
In 2010, he formed the Duo Nysos group of the most original, with Emerick Bandin.
This duo "keyboard percussion - Saxophone" brings a twist in the world of chamber music called "classical".
In 2011, he joined a quintet like "Tango - Contemporary Music" Quintessence, in which he adds his personal percussionist touch.
Third place in the contest in Luxembourg percussion in 2009, he won a second prize in 2010 in Chamber Music with Duo Nysos well as a first prize in the contest Percussion Dexia Classics.Since 2012, he is a founding member of Akropercu.

Julien Mairesse was born in Mons in 1987. He began to study percussion at the age of 7 years. His academic background is varied:
Quevaucamps Conservatory, Baudour Cobnservatory, Quaregnon Conservatory and Mons Conservatory.
After few years of practice, he joined many bands that bring him the experience and leads to make his passion his profession.
In 2007, he decided to enter the Royal Conservatory of Mons, where he met many contacts wich help him to play in various ensembles and orchestras:
Royal Music Guides, The EOB (Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles), all MOSAN (musicians OPL), The OPRL (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège).
 Currently, he is part of several musical projects, "Julie Roses," "Discover". In 2012, he became a founding member of Akropercu.