Quatuor Beat

Quatuor Beat


Quator Beat was created in 2003 after a few attempts as a trio... Laurent Fraiche , Jérome Guicherd, Gabriel Benlolo and Patrice Gauchon, who was later replaced by Aurélien Carsalade, entered Lazslo Haddady's class within the Chamber Music section of Paris ’s prestigious National Superior Conservatory of Music (CNSM). He still mentors them to this day…the Quatuor unanimously received the 2005 Chamber Music Prize with high honors, along with the Jury’s congratulations.

Winner of Verona, Italy’s « Gaetano Zinetti » International Chamber Music contest in 2006, the Quatuor often plays in France and throughout Europe. Interpreting works by young composers such as Thierry Deleruyelle as well as by experienced writers such as Marc-Olivier Dupin, the group is focused on always adding new dimensions to its percussion ensemble repertoire.

With time, mere musical associates became true friends, and this friendship solidified an already dynamic and artistic complicity.

They recorded their first album in September 2009 Opus 1 under Cristal Records Classic label