Pulse Percussion Trio played for the Marsupilami

Gespeichert von Bergerault am

Pulse Percussions Trio has collaborated to the original movie musique of Marsupilami, a french funny movie, who talk about the celebraty imaginary animal.

Under the direction of Bruno Coulais, music manager of many french movie music, Pulse Percussions Trio played all the percussions.
As says Bruno Coulais in an interview: "This is the first time I make a film music in which the main theme is often played by marimba. I worked in Belgium with two percussionists, father and son, very impressive rhythmically. when I heard them I decided to rewrite scores for them as the pieces were gorgeous sound."

You can find more details about this music, find all here http://www.cinezik.org/critiques/affcritique.php?titre=houba_marsupilami

Feel free to have a look on artist page to find all informations about Pulse Trio.