Educational Percussions

XBCH - Chromatic portion for XBD

The XBCH Chromatic portion is use with the XBD Bass Diatonic Xylophone.
The wide bars Rosewood keyboard, perfectly balanced and harmonizeed and harmonized to eliminate dissonance, provide a great and powerful sonority.Prime, hight density and removable Rosewood bars are aged of 5 years at least, for precise control of moisture content, thus insuring the long-term accuraçy of tuning and pitch, even in humid climates.


6 extra wide Rosewood bars
40 mm x 19 mm
C#3 to G#4
Standard Tuning: 
A = 440 Hz


Follow the links to get more details about the accessories

Stand for Bass Chromatic portion
Ref S4

Table for Bass Chromatic portion
Ref T4

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