Educational Percussions

XCSD - Soprano Diatonic Xylophone

The XSCD Soprano Diatonic xylophone is especially made for the learning with its extra wide and removable Rosewood bars precisely tuned to A = 440 Hz and overtone-tuned.
Prime, high-density bars are aged at least five years for precise control of moisture content, thus insuring the long term accuracy of tuning and pitch, even in humid climates.
Resonator box interior especially tuned and designed for optimal and equal resonance.


  • Natural wood varnished resonator boxes
  • Long lasting, heavy duty metal bar posts with heavy duty, solid Neoprene to support bars and allow free vibration.
  • Perfect alignment of bars of diatonic instruments and chromatic add-on units with innovative half-trapezoid shape.
  • Compact ans stackable for easy storage and transport
  • 2 B4 mallets included



16 extra wide Rosewood bars
40 mm x 19 mm
C5 to A6 + 2F# and 1 Bb
Standard Tuning: 
A = 440 Hz


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Chromatic portion

Stand for Soprano Xylophone
Ref S1

Table for Soprano Xylophone
Ref T1

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