Professional Percussions

MB5 - Grand Concert

The MB5 Grand Concert marimba  is manufactured with the finest AAA grade Honduras Rosewood , perfectly balanced and harmonized to eliminate dissonance and allowing for the use of multiple mallets of different hardness and density. Blond exotic hardwood frames. 70 years of Bergerault tuning experience are concentrated in this keyboard.  The extra wide bars allow a better sound power.


  • Adjustable height  by Gas system
  • Individual Glitter black tunable resonators
  • Large bars
  • Can be entirely dismantled and easily carried in a set of soft bags


AAA grade Honduras Rosewood bars
72 to 40 mm x 26 to 20 mm
4 ⅔ octaves E2 to C7
Standard tuning: 
A = 442 Hz
2240 mm
890 mm
970-350 mm


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Trap Table
Ref BS027 for the plate 36x60x5 cm
Ref BS028 for the compartmentalized plate 36x60x5 cm
Ref BS026 for Heavy double base stand, chrome plated

BERGERAULT Marimba Elite Etude Mallets
Ref BE-EE1 Soft-Red
Ref BE-EE2 Medium-Green
Ref BE-EE3 Hard medium-Black
Ref BE-EE4 Staccato- Yellow

BERGERAULT Marimba Elite Pro Mallets
Ref BE-EP1 Soft-Red
Ref BE-EP2 Medium- Green
Ref BE-EP3 Medium hard- Black
Ref BE-EP4 Staccato- Yellow

BERGERAULT Marimba Etude Mallets
Ref BE-M1 Soft-Brown
Ref BE-M2 Medium-Green
Ref BE-M3 Hard medium- Green

Professional bags for Mallets
Ref SBGM Great Model
Ref SBPM Small Model

Flight Case
On Request

On wheels Reinforced bags for 5 Octaves Marimba

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