Professional Percussions

XR4 C - Record IV Composite

This XR4 C Record IV C xylophone belongs to a series of fine concert instrument, of the highest quality and beautiful workmanship.
Bergerault use a wide-bar new concept keyboard. Synthetic bars providing a sonority approaching the quality of wood. The special extruded aluminum resonator tubes bring a profound sound quality and resounding volume. All xylophones have a four leg independent adjustable height mechanism.


  • Resonators tubes in aluminum coated for a better sound quality
  • Folding legs under your chassis
  • Adjustable height
  • New wide bars concept keyboard


Composite bars
40 mm x 18 mm
4 octaves C4 to C8
Standard tuning: 
A = 442 Hz
1680 mm
780-300 mm
Adjustable Height: 
820 to 970 mm


Follow the links to get more details about the accessories

Trap Table
Ref BS027 for the plate 36x60x5 cm
Ref BS026 for Heavy double base stand, chrome plated

Bergerault Xylophone Mallets
Pair-Rattan Handle – Plastic head
Ref BE-X1 Medium
Ref BE-X2 Hard medium
Ref BE-X3 Staccato

Professional bags for Mallets
Ref SBGM Great bag
Ref SBPM Small bag

Flight Case
Ref FC 057

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