Dedicated to quality since 1932 ....

Since is creation, Bergerault S.A has taken the greatest care in choosing the best raw material to design all his instruments. This long experience is not only essential to produce Top Class quality instruments but also to provide each percussionist the precise sound he dreams of: The best quality for the best sound. 

The Rosewood, used for our xylophones and marimbas spends at least six years in the factory before being crafted. This allows for precise control of the moisture content, thus insuring the long-term accuracy of tuning and pitch, even in humid climates.

For the vibraphones, the finest quality aluminium alloys is especially produce to get the richness of sound, powder, timbre and retention of tone. The master of hard, carbonized chrome steel for Glockenspiels' keyboards or the use of special alloys spun thermo treated gives a unique bell chime timber and provide a greater stability and longevity in all temperatures.

We also develop the technical side introducing with our new range of timpanis the production help by CNC machining to very precise tolerance wich permits silent, smooth and extremely accurate tuning.
Cambered and parabolic bowls are both manufactured from a single seamless sheet of copper with the same proprietary spinning process. It guarantees the bowls are freely suspended with no mechanical connection to the timpani frame. The result is a long and clear sound, with an unbelievable pitch clarity.

Bergerault Rosewood plank - Factory - Alloys for Glokenspiels
After this introduction, come in, take your time, have a sit and discover our full range of percussion instruments, entirely designed and made in our workshop of Ligueil, France.

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