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The woods we use for our keyboards

The woods we use for our keyboards are one of the most important part of the sound quality of our instruments.

Honduras Rosewood

Honduras Rosewood is with no doubt the most prestigious wood. Very hard and the most sonorous, we only use it for the concert instruments. Species protected by the Washington Convention (CITES), its importation is highly regulated and only a few companies are authorized to use it.

African Rosewood

African Rosewood is harder than Paduk, it avoids the phenomenon of "marking" and too fast deterioration of the bars. African Rosewood is also used for the production of marimba of the "Campus" series.


Paduk is an african wood generally used for the manufacture of study instruments. We chose to use it only for entry-level marimbas. For study xylophones, we prefer to work with African rosewood.

Instruments with wooden keyboards need to be stored in rooms with constant humidity and heat (around 20°C) because variations in temperature and humidity are detrimental to the accuracy of the agreement. It is sometimes difficult for harmonies or music schools to meet all these requirements. The concert halls themselves are sometimes located outdoors.

To ensure the quality of our products and their tunings, we developed a composite material, the "Techlon", which does not suffer any effects of temperature and humidity variations. Very resistant material, we also use it in the manufacture of study xylophones for students and conservatories. More and more popular in the USA and Asia, it is also widely used by marching bands.

EPV Label :

Bergerault S.A. has been recognized by the French government “Company of Living Heritage”


The woods : what kind of wood do we use to handcraft your marimba or your xylophone?

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